Reporting Requirements

It is generally expected that organizations will execute and complete their projects within 12 months of receipt of the grant.  Upon completion of the project, a final report must be submitted.  No further applications will be considered by the Foundation until the project is completed and a final report has been submitted.

Note: These reporting requirements apply to all grants made by the Foundation.

The purpose of the final report is to account for the use of the Foundation’s funds and to provide the Foundation with information as to the success or failure of the project.

Your final report should be submitted by email and composed of three documents:

  • A cover letter dated and signed by the executive director
  • Narrative
  • Final budget

You may submit support materials such as programs, posters, etc. by U.S. mail.


This may take the form of a letter and need not be more than two pages in length but use as much space as you need.

  • Did the project take place as described in the original proposal?  If not, how did it differ?
  • Who attended or who benefited? Tell us about the audience – size, demographic make-up, etc. Please include specific information about number of tickets sold and at what price levels.
  • Did the project meet the goals and objectives described in your original proposal?  If so, how?
  • What were the outcomes of your evaluation procedure?  Was the organization pleased or dissatisfied with the project?  Why?  Was the project financially successful?  Was it successful by other measures?
  • What future plans, if appropriate, do you have for this project?  What concerns, if any, do you have about its future?
  • Please attach any playbills, programs, brochures or other collateral material related to the grant that you feel would be helpful for us to have.


  • Please attach a spreadsheet that shows the original budget submitted in the proposal and the actual funds spent.  Please include all income and expense for the project, not just those relating specifically to the Roberts Foundation’s grant.