Racial Equity in the Arts

Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.James Baldwin

The Edward C. & Ann T. Roberts Foundation is saddened and outraged by the murder of George Floyd and too many other Black men, women and children at the hands of brutal police officers and other lawless individuals. We stand resolute against the racism and injustice that motivated these horrific acts as well as the institutionalized complicity that has constrained the lives of innumerable African Americans for more than 400 years without acknowledgment.

The arts are unique in their ability to make us face these harsh truths and yet, can provide solace and enlightenment as well as equitable and enriched lives. Using our commitment to the arts, the foundation is determined to rededicate our efforts as we invest in new and expanded programs that will help us – as well as the arts organizations and artists we fund – advance long overdue systemic cultural change for the better. In the coming weeks, we will work with our community partners to:

  • Help the nonprofits we fund increase the diversity of their boards, staff and audience
  • Increase our investment in excellence and equity for African American artists and all artists of color
  • Invest in greater access to high quality arts experiences for students and families of color in the Greater Hartford area

Our hearts are with the victims’ families and all those who are suffering, sacrificing and protesting. We are eager to ensure that this painful moment moves us forward, memorializes those lost and reinforces that all Black lives matter.

The Edward C. & Ann T. Roberts Foundation

  • Michael L. Campbell – President
  • Carrie Hammond – Vice President
  • Rebekah Humphrey
  • Olivia White – Secretary
  • Andrew Lattimer – Treasurer
  • Carlos Hernandez Chavez
  • Steven Raider-Ginsburg
  • Lisa Curran – Executive Director